Free Offer for Heidi Montag

Earlier this year, Heidi Montag made huge headlines by having 10 cosmetic procedures in the same day at her young age.  This certainly was a negative incident for the  profession of cosmetic surgery.  Recently she has recanted and is now renouncing having cosmetic surgery.  This is also bad for the profession of cosmetic surgery.

It is appropriate that Heidi feels that she was excessive and that young people usually don’t need cosmetic surgery.  It is inappropriate to diss anyone who wants cosmetic surgery when only months ago you were promoting it.

Heidi is now showing of her surgery scars a badge of honor for her misdeeds.  Heidi……..I can make those facial and neck scars much better in several minutes with local anesthesia and minor laser resurfacing.  I will do it for free!  You don’t have to live with them.

Joe Niamtu, III DMD

Cosmetic Facial Surgery

Richmond, Virginia