If I am plus sized do I need to lose weight before having a facelift?

divasmallThis is a frequently asked question and the answer is frequently no! Dr. Niamtu routinely sees plus sized patients that were told by other surgeons that they needed to lose 50-80 lbs. before having  a facelift.

As long as patients are in good health, many patients who are overweight can successfully have facelift surgery without losing weight.  Dr. Niamtu employs a progressive sculpting technique along with his comprehensive facelift and submentoplasty and has produced very dramatic results in plus sized patients.  The fact is that many patients have much more skin than fat in their face and neck.  In many plus sized patients, the face and neck fat can be liposuctioned and sculpted to slim and tighten the face and neck.

The patient above  is shown before and after facelift surgery by Dr. Niamtu employing facelift with submentoplasty and progressive sculpting.

Dr. Niamtu’s procedure for facelift surgery on full figured patients has been featured in Cosmetic Surgery Times Magazine who termed it the “Diva Lift”.

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Article: Dr. Niamtu on facelift for plus sized patients



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