Chin Implants and Facelift Surgery

Facelift surgery is the ultimate cosmetic procedure for improving aging of the lower face and neck.  Dr. Niamtu frequently recommends chin implants for facelift patients as this small procedure can make a big difference in the result of the facelift.  A simultaneous chin implant can enhance the facelift by extending the chin and thus improving the profile.  In addition, some patients develop a droopy chin (sometimes called a “witch’s chin”) and a chin implant can lift and support the sagging chin which greatly enhances the facelift.  Browsing the pictures in the facelift pages on this site will show numerous cases of facelift with simultaneous chin implant augmentation and illustrate the beneficial effects of combining these two procedures.

The patients below had simultaneous facelift and chin implant surgery.



Untitled - 17Duffy

Untitled - 90

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