Video of Dr. Niamtu Placing Chin Implants

Although there are numerous ways to augment the chin, silicone chin implants have been the leading choice for 40 years.  Silicone is very bio-compatible and is used in numerous medical devices.  Dr. Niamtu  secures all  facial implants with micro screws, which means they cannot move or migrate and have much less chance of causing problems with the underlying bone.  Although chin implants are a permanent solution to profile enhancement, they can be easily changed or removed if the patients desires.  The procedure is generally performed with IV sedation and takes about 25 minutes to perform.  The recovery is generally about one week.

The following videos show live surgery and may be graphic for some patients.

The following video shows Dr. Niamtu placing a silicone chin implant via the submental approach, which is through the skin under the chin.

Chin implants can also be placed through the mouth so there is not visible scar and the following video show Dr. Niamtu placing an implant through this approach.