Dr. Niamtu performs pro bono mole removal surgery

Can you help my friend for free…

are words I frequently hear and I do my best to try and accommodate patients in need. Unfortunately no doctor can help everybody, but I sincerely do my best to help those that life has shown little kindness. I was approached by a patient in regards to performing pro bono surgery on a patient who has had a very unfortunate life including being sexually abused by three people from the age of 4 to 39 years old. When I spoke with this unfortunate girl and found out how low her self esteem was and how happy I could make her by removing several hundred moles, the choice was easy. Jackie is a beautiful person inside and out and it is my pleasure to assist her with reclaiming her life.

A touching thank you from a wonderful patient

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The above photos show Jackie’s progress with the mole removal. She literally has hundreds on her head and neck and we are winning! It was our pleasure to meet this strong and courageous lady.