Cosmetic Removal of A Sebaceous Cyst on the Face

This video shows Dr. Joe Niamtu, III removing a large sebaceous cyst on the face.  Expelling the cyst contents is graphic and may not be suitable for all viewers.

I frequently get asked about various lumps and bumps on the face.  Cosmetic surgeons frequently called upon on to treat cysts, lipomas and other soft tissue lesions because patients want the best scar possible.  A sebaceous cyst is similar to a very large pimple (marble size to ping pong ball size) and filled with various cellular contents depending upon the type of cyst.  These cysts are reoccurring and by squeezing them an expressing the contents, they temporarily improve, then return.  These cysts have a sac similar to the skin on a grape and if the sac (epidermal lining) is not removed, the cyst will return.  This video shows the entire procedure.


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