I’ve Got Friends in No Places!

I went to add a friend request on Facebook and was surprised to see the following message!

5,000 friends

Dang!  Why would Facebook limit the number of friends?  Does not make sense, you would think the more the merrier?  I bet Mr. Zukerberg has more than 5,000 friends as he has 68 million followers.


Evidently, if you reach he 5K friend level, you have to “unfriend” existing friends to accept new friends.  That sucks!  So the dilemma is who to unfriend.  Sounds like some brutal dictatorship where you simply eliminate folks 🙁

I reckon I will figure it out, but Facebook is supposed to be easy and this has made it difficult.  Just sayin’!


Joe Niamtu, III DMD

Cosmetic Facial Surgery

Richmond, Virginia