Dr. Niamtu Interviewed by British Media about the Ken and Barbie of Cosmetic Surgery

Justin and Pixie are names synonymous with extreme plastic surgery and are the self-proclaimed Ken & Barbie of cosmetic surgery. They are  both really humble, down to earth individuals and also they are both very intelligent. I look forward to seeing them every year at this meeting because they are sincere and fun. They are simply “addicted” to cosmetic surgery; it is their hobby, passion, drive and job.  I had to chance to interview them at the Aesthetic Show in Las Vegas in July and was part of a this piece for Barcroft TV in the U.K.


Justin and Pixie


Dr. Drew Ordon from the TV show “The Doctors”.


Dr. Rob Rey from “Dr.90210”


Michael Morretti organizer of The Aesthetic Show.


Joe Niamtu, III DMD

Cosmetic Facial Surgery

Richmond, Virginia