SMASectomy: Safe and Predictable Deep Tissue Management with Facelift

Old school facelifts involved “skin only” treatments meaning that incisions were made, the skin was stretched and the excess was cut off.  Although this looked good at first, it was not stable or lasting as skin stretches.  The SMAS (Superficial Musculoaponeurotic System) is a group of tissues deep in the face that becomes loose with age.  Contemporary facelifts address this tissue and employ some method of managing and tightening it.  There are numerous means of treating the SMAS and some are safer and more predictable than others.  I have personally found SMASectomy to be safe, effective and long lasting in over 1,000 facelifts.  This discusses and demonstrates SMASectomy and includes live surgical footage so viewer discretion is recommended.

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Joe Niamtu, III DMD

Cosmetic Facial Surgery