Can we ask you to vote one last time this year?

For 3 decades our only goal has been to provide excellence in facial surgery. I have the most caring and dedicated staff in the world and with their assistance we have made thousands of patients, from all over the world, look and feel better. Winning the “Best Cosmetic Surgeon” award is an honor that underlines our commitment to patient safety and natural results.
We ask  for your help once again to vote for us in the Style Magazine “Best of” contest. I know we asked you to vote for us in another contest last month but this is a different contest, so please help us once again and we promise not to bother you until next year!

Click on “Goods and Services”
Click on “Best Cosmetic Surgeon”
Type in “Dr. Joe Niamtu”
Enter your “Email Address”
Click “Submit”
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Thanks so much for your time.

Dr. Joe and Staff