Celebrating our 1,100th Facelift

Yesterday I performed my 1,100 facelift!  This is a personal milestone as few surgeons perform this many face and neck lifts in a lifetime.  Since I only do face and neck surgery (no boobs, bellies or butts) I perform a lot more lifts than the average cosmetic or plastic surgeon.  Face and neck lift is my signature procedure and I think it is a very special cosmetic procedure.  A patient can hide mediocre body surgery, but there in no hiding the face; it has to be good!  I tell patients “it is your face and my reputation”.  I really consider myself a lucky guy as I love doing cosmetic facial surgery.  Everyday, my staff and I strive to make it all better, safer, more natural and easier for the patient.  I have an awesome staff, a fully accredited AAAHC,  in office,  ambulatory surgery center and full time anesthesia providers.  We do it all right here.

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Joe Niamtu, III DMD

Cosmetic Facial Surgery

Richmond, Virginia