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My Son Joey Celebrates his 20th Birthday

On April 12, 2000 I had the life changing experience of having my first child and son born.  A lifelong dream fulfilled.  Joey Niamtu, IV was born with normal birth scores and all seemed fine.  Within several months he began having seizures and we found out that his life would never be normal; our life […]

Music Legend (and personal hero) John Prine dies of Coronavirus at age 74

Either you knew who John Prine was or you did not.  If you did, you appreciated his folksy, country songs that told stories, sometimes with many meanings.  I first heard a John Prine song from my California buddy George Keene in the mid 1970’s.  Prine was a Chicago mailman who wrote songs while walking his […]

Cosmetic Blephaorplasty (eyelid lift) Consultation: How We Do It.

Dr. Niamtu discusses Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery and present before and after cases. For more information visit Joe Niamtu, III DMD Cosmetic Facial Surgery Richmond, Virginia

Dr. Niamtu Discusses for Other Surgeons: How to Run an Aesthetic Practice During a Crisis Time.

I was honored to discuss what doctors can do to maximize their time off during this COVID 19 crisis. Click image to listen to podcast.

Dr. Niamtu Named to Botox International Advisory Board

Botox is a big part of my practice for over 20 years.  We have been a Diamond level provider and have been in the top 300-500 users in the USA for years.  Over the last 15 years I have served (and currently serve) on several Allergan (the maker of Botox) Physician Advisory Boards.  I recently […]

Will you help us win the Style Magazine Award this year?

  Click below to vote Click on “Goods and Services” Click on “Best Cosmetic Surgeon” Type in “Dr. Joe Niamtu” Enter your “Email Address” Click “Submit” Voting ends on March 15th, 2020 at 5pm! Thank you for being a friend! -Dr. Joe and staff

Parenting Special Needs Children

People Magazine featured my family in a nice article that outlines some of the challenges of special needs parenting. Click to view article Joe Niamtu, III DMD Cosmetic Facial Surgery Richmond, Virginia

The World Will Miss Kobe Bryant

I had the opportunity to meet Kobe Bryant at an NBA All Star game.  There we a lot of superheros there and many were full of themselves.  Kobe was so nice, so approachable and even took the time to ask some questions about the people he met and took pictures with.  Was just like talking […]

Exercise and Cosmetic Facial Surgery Recovery

Many of today’s cosmetic surgery patients are physically fit and exercise is an important of their lifestyle.  Cosmetic surgery recovery and exercise have to be specifically coordinated so the healing and outcome is not affected.  This video explains my advice to my patients. For more information on cosmetic facial surgery visit Joe Niamtu, III […]

“Scarless” Mole Removal

For better or worse, I spend a large part of my free time putting together before and after pictures.  It makes me a better surgeon as it allows me critique and showcase my work.  I just put this case together and it brought back a lot of memories. When I first went into practice I […]