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Laser Treatment of Burn Scars on the Today Show: Miracle or Not?

On May 28th the Today Show ran a very interesting segment about a very touching story of very pretty triplets that were badly burned in infancy and were treated with a new laser treatment to improve their burn scars.  The laser was the Lumenis Encore laser and the Deep FX laser, also made by Lumenis. […]

The First Face Transplant in the USA

Dr. Niamtu with Dr. Maria Siemionow  There are a lot of disadvantages of lecturing all over the world in terms of travel, inconvenience and time away from home, but this is greatly outweighed by the advantages of making friends with special people.  While serving as the co-chair of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery meeting in […]

Can Cosmetic Surgery Change Your Life?

I recently came across this article about cosmetic surgery improving the quality of one’s life. An excerpt is shown below. Report: Facial Plastic Surgery Improves Quality of Life Facial plastic surgery improves patients’ quality of life, but the effects are different for men and women, researchers report in the March/April issue of the Archives of Facial Plastic […]