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Dr. Niamtu on CBS News Discussing Google Glass Applications in Surgery

    Richmond, Virginia cosmetic facial surgeon Joe Niamtu, III DMD discusses his experience of being chosen as a Google Glass Explorer.

……on writing my textbook

In an earlier post, I described the work involved with writing a major cosmetic facial surgery text.  I literally spent 3-4 hours a day (and sometimes up to 11 hours) writing chapters on common topics of cosmetic facial surgery.  Being a major text from one of the best known medical publishers (Elsevier Saunders) there is […]

Cosmetic Surgery Bulletin Boards: Can you believe everything you read?

  One of the true joys of being alive in this day and age is the Internet.  For those of us that are older than 20 years of age it is hard to imagine life without it.  The Internet has empowered us and made encyclopedias and dictionaries obsolete.  It seems that you can find out […]

The Digital Age and Cosmetic Facial Surgery

Welcome to word one, day one of my blog.  A lot has changed since the last century (8 years ago)!  While in my surgery residency I, one-day, saw a bunch of people in the surgery office huddled around a new fangled machine shaking their heads in disbelief.  One of the doctors was saying “you mean to […]