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Long Luscious Lashes – by Dr. Niamtu

In the fast moving arena of cosmetic surgery, hype is omnipresent and the media is full of “new” and miraculous procedures that promise fantastic results with little or no downtime. Most of these “discoveries” fade into obscurity because of results that fail to meet expectations. Barbed suture facelifts, skin tightening devices, and minimally invasive laser treatments that produce minimal results are examples of hyped procedures that entered like a lion and […]

New Drug for Long Lovely Lashes

Actual before and after picture of one of Dr. Niamtu’s patients Click above to see more information about Latisse eyelash enhancer

Latisse & Lovely Long Lashes

Latisse is here! …..and Dr. Niamtu is the first office in richmond to have it!       Grow thick eyelashes and eyebrows in weeks with this amazing new, effective and safe product. Latisse can only be purchased from a licensed doctor and cannot be bought in stores. Dr. Niamtu will offer a $20 discount […]