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Dr. Niamtu Welcomes Out of Town and International Patients

One of the true joys of my practice is the large number of out of town, out of state and International patients we see.  It is an honor when a patient comes to my office from down the street, when they come from another state or country, the honor is even greater.  Not all practices […]

Choosing the Right Patient

It takes a long time to become a surgeon and when it is all over and the shingle gets hung, all physicians must spend a great deal of energy for the rest of their working lives soliciting patients.  Some surgeons do this very aggressively with marketing, TV, Radio, etc. while others do it more subtly […]

Medical Tourism: Is this an oxymoron?

  With the extreme interest in cosmetic surgery many new avenues have appeared to mix surgery and recovery and medical tourism is one of them.  Medical tourism is the idea of having cosmetic surgery and recovering at a remote destination, usually a luxurious one.  On the surface, this may sound cool, but in reality, who […]

Out of Town Cosmetic Facial Surgey

Many patients decide to have cosmetic surgery in a location other than where they live.  Although patients have always traveled for surgery, it has become much more popular with the advent if the Internet.  I have had a web page for my cosmetic facial surgery practice for about 12 years, but it has only been […]