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Some Great Little Blepharoplasty Cases

Dr. Niamtu shows some great cosmetic surgery eyelid results.


Some patients present for face and neck lift only.  It is not uncommon to undergo other simultaneous complimentary cosmetic facial surgery procedures.  This video discusses a case of face and neck lift, cheek and chin implants, brow lift and laser skin resurfacing.   Written by: Joe Niamtu, III, DMD

Otoplasty A Great Little Case

Dr. Niamtu shows some otoplasty cases on children.

The 10 Most Common Complaints During Facelift Recovery

These are common complaints that will improve or resolve over the first days or weeks of recovery.  


Some situations in children such as protruding ears, buck teeth, facial moles, etc., can lead to peer bullying which can permanently affect the self confidence and body image of children.  Plastic surgery procedures to correct these situations can be a huge help in preventing bullying.  This can be a hot button issue but I have […]

Another Case of Stopping Bullies!

Read how this beautiful young girl was bullied and how cosmetic otoplasty changed her life. Click to view article

Versa Filler to Nasolabial Folds with Cannula

Dr. Niamtu discusses and demonstrates Versa filler injection to the nasolabial folds using a blunt, flexible cannula.

Our Newest Laser

We now have 6 lasers in our office and we have added a new device to our laser lineup, the Syneron/Candella Core laser. This is the latest technology in laser resurfacing that produces maximum results with less downtime. This laser can perform the lightest treatments that heal in 3-4 days as well as traditional laser […]

“Scarless” Mole Removal

There are numerous ways to treat moles and I have treated thousands of them over 30 years.  Although no surgeon can guarantee a “no scar” treatment, radiowave surgery ablation is the closest you can get to scarless  in my experience.  This video discusses mole removal, demonstrates treatment and shows before and after pictures.     […]

Cheek Implants: One of the Best Kept Secrets in Cosmetic Surgery

Cheek implants are a 40 minute procedure that is one of the most powerful rejuvenation techniques in cosmetic facial surgery. Dr. Niamtu discusses cheek implants, interviews a post op patient and shows before and after pictures cheek implant cases.