Patient Information

Joe Niamtu, III, DMD is doing more online consults and follow up.

Our practice has been performing online consultations for over a decade and we are obviously doing many more in the midst of the Covid situation. We are happy to provide an online consultation for selected procedures. In order to proceed with an online consultation, please click here to go to “Ask Doctor Joe”. This page will provide an area for you to describe your aging concerns and what procedures you may have an interest in. At this page you must also attach pictures. Once we review this material our staff can schedule an online consultation for you. Please look at this page to see the types of pictures we need for specific diagnoses. The more accurate information we have the better we can assist you.

We see many out of town and international patients and are setup to make it safe and easy for you, and it would be my honor to be your surgeon.

Today’s patients work hard, play hard and remain active. They seek cosmetic facial procedures with low risk and good results that will get them back into routine within 1-2 weeks. Mini facelifts , endoscopic lifts , laser eyelid surgery , Lite laser resurfacing , laser peels, Botox , Restylane and lunch time spider vein removal are just some of the new technologies that allow dramatic results with minimal down-time.

Although there is exciting change in cosmetic facial surgery, lingering misinformation can confuse patients. “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” Botox in a jar, facelifts with cream or heat, and other products may sound good, but most often, consumers pay a lot of money for little or no results. As easy as cosmetic surgery has become, it is still serious business for our office and our patients. We go to great lengths to follow the highest standards of accreditation and patient safety. Nothing is more important than the health, safety and welfare of our patients. We are committed to provide the highest level of communication so our patients know what to expect in terms of recovery, outcome and longevity of the procedure. We are committed to the latest advances in technology and our office provides a wide array of cosmetic facial surgical options. Our specialized equipment includes 6 lasers on premises.

Cosmetic facial surgery is our passion and I personally invite you to schedule a consultation with our office. No concerns are too trivial to discuss and all consultations are confidential. Please browse our web site and learn about all the exciting options available to help you look as young as you feel. Whether you are looking for a minor touch-up or an extreme make-over, we can help.

Cosmetic surgery should whisper, not scream. Dr. Niamtu utilizes his 30 years of facial surgery experience along with the newest technologies to achieve natural and youthful rejuvenation.  We treat each person individually to address their comprehensive aging to create an age-appropriate elegance in facial rejuvenation.

Concierge care is a new buzz word in medicine. It offers patients extremely personalized care for a premium price. Although this is new for some doctors and patients, Dr. Niamtu has been providing concierge care for his patients, free of charge, for decades. All patients receive Dr. Niamtu‘s home and cell phone numbers and email. Our goal is to treat every patient as a VIP without extra charges. We’re different, come and see why we are the fastest growing cosmetic facial surgery practice in the area.

We are making Richmond more beautiful… one face at a time.

Joseph Niamtu, III DMD
Medical Director
Cosmetic Facial Surgery Center