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How Botox Treatments have Changed

For better or worse, most of my blogs have to do with my profession.  I apologize in advance for those readers who don’t share the same interest and from time to time I try to add non-surgery topics. I wrote this article for Medical Aesthetics Magazine and it was published in this month’s edition. Click […]

An Honor Bestowed

Over the last three decades I have done hundreds of pro bono cases on patients that needed help but could not afford a surgical procedure.  Their gratitude and “giving back” is the only payment I needed. Recently I treated a patient named Marie Carey and assisted her with a significant problem. Marie is not a […]

Some Doctors Say Cheek Implants Don’t Work!

From time to time I hear patients say that their surgeon told them that cheek implants are not a good option because “they don’t work” or they “dissolve bone” or they have “taken out more than they have put in”. Having placed hundreds and hundreds of implants and having cheek implants in my own face, […]

Endoscopic Removal of Forehead Osteoma: Minimally Invasive, Maximally Effective

Dr. Joe Niamtu, III is a cosmetic facial surgeon in Richmond, Virginia and is well known for his treatment of forehead osteomas with minimally invasive endoscopic surgery.  This is a simple technique that is virtually scarless and has a very short recovery when compared with older approached to forehead osteomas.  Be sure to view other […]

Jim Kelly’s 30th Celebrity Golf Tournement

Once again we headed for Buffalo on the first weekend in June for our buddy Jim Kelly’s annual celebrity golf tournament to benefit “Kelly for Kids”.  This is Jim’s charitable foundation and he has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to help children in need over the past three decades.  Always a great time and […]

One Girl’s Journey with Protruding Ears, Bullying and Otoplasty: by Dr. Joe Niamtu III

This 12 minute video details the journey of a 17 year old high school female with protruding ears.  The video follows her through the pre operative, intra operative and post operative phases of her surgical experience.  She highlights her experiences with bullying, low self esteem and physical problems associated with her protruding ears.  Dr. Joe […]

Tim McGraw Concert and Benefit for Center Stage

  It was an honor for Niamtu Cosmetic Facial Surgery to be a sponsor for the Tim McGraw concert to benefit Richmond Center Stage.  They could not have chosen a better entertainer to pack the house.  Hats off to Tim McGraw for playing such a small venue to raise money.  He surely could have sold […]

Roger Goodell is Alive and Well and I can Prove it!

Several days ago NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s Twitter account was hacked, stating that he had died. This happened to Mark Twain (way before Twitter) and when he read his obviously incorrect obituary. His classic response was “the announcement of my death was greatly exaggerated” So was that of Commissioner Goodell. As evidenced by this photo, […]

Cheek Augmentation Made Easy and Niamtu Video Teaching Series Trailer

One of my biggest passions is teaching cosmetic facial surgery and it occupies a large part of my life.  My online video series consists of hundreds of high definition, narrated live surgery videos.  These videos are available for purchase and are intended for any professional or staff person interested in cosmetic facial surgery.  These are […]

Michael Robinson’s Team Excel

  We had a great time supporting Team Excel, a foundation started by Varina native and NFL Seahawks fullback Michael Robinson.  My practice were one of the event sponsors and also donated silent auction items to support the event.  Michael called in some of his NFL buddies to serve as celebrity waiters at the new […]