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Inexpensive, Over the Counter, Skin Care Products that Really Work!

Although I spend my days performing surgery and injectables, skin care is a big part of our practice that can benefit each and every patient.  Women are pretty motivated and used to using products, but most guys are pretty lazy (like me) when it comes to using skin care products.  I have found 2 products […]

5 Steps to Better Skin This Winter

We want to thank our friends at Obagi for the above graphic and also for helping our patients take the best care of their skin.  The best way to look great for spring is to begin a lifetime skincare plan now while it is cold, gray and nasty out.  Spring will come, so get ready […]

Lifetime Skin Care

  As a busy cosmetic facial surgeon I see thousands of patients a year in consultation for various age related problems.  During the consultation we discuss many things related to facial rejuvenation and one of the questions I ask every single patient is “what do you do for your skin?”  The answers vary from “nothing” […]